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Coffee Beans - Skokloster Kafferosteri

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The coffee beans come from Kenya (decaf comes from Colombia) and are roasted at Skokloster Kafferosteri.

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Brew coffee beans: 

Blue Magic in it's essence, is a blend between the highest quality coffee beans grown on the slopes of Mt. Kenya. This year it's from a collective of farmers in the Nyeri district, Central Province Kenya, a region renowned among coffee lovers. The minerals in the volcanic soil, great farming practices and the high altitude enables exquisite flavour and high density of the beans. Which are furthermore hand-picked over a period of weeks, when the individual beans are perfectly ripe and lastly processed through washing, fermented in water tanks and dried under the sun.

Roaster:                         Carl-Christian von Kauffmann
Beans:                           Arabica, AA. SL28 / SL 34
Farm cooperative:      Tekangu Farmers Cooperative
Milling station:           Karogoto Wet Mill
Altitude:                         1800 Mean Sea Level
Soil:                                 Red Volcanic Soil
Flavour notes:               
Blue Berry, Black Berry, Black Current
Oranges, Pink Grapefruit,
Dark Chocolate