Evelina Hedberg

Keramik dreja drejar keramiker konstnär konst tavla tavlor konsthantverk design abstrakt modern 
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  • Hi! My name is Evelina Hedberg, and I am the artist and creator behind Imse Studios. I started my company back in 2019. It all began with a simple idea - the desire to express myself through different art forms.

    My journey started with abstract paintings, but I knew from the beginning that I also wanted to incorporate other art forms. I wanted to explore the world of colors, shapes, and emotions through my art.

    Fall came, and I decided to attend my first pottery class after trying it out on Gotland earlier that summer. I fell head over heels in love with working with clay, and I knew that ceramics would be a part of Imse Studios.

    I grew up in Stockholm, a city I love, but I also have a penchant for both the Swedish Archipelago and Gotland, which is where I find a lot of my inspiration.

    Imse Studios is my creative space, my own little world where I make art. I use different colors, shapes, and ideas to show the beauty in everything around us. It's like a magical world where you can see nature, feelings, and stories through my interpretation. Allow me to invite you into my world, where colors sing, emotions take shape, and imagination knows no limits!