• 2022 Somewhere Over - Solo Exhibition 
    2022 Art of being a Women - Miss Clara by Nobis Hotel 
    2020 Summer Exhibiton at Själsö Bageri Gotland 

  • Over the years I have been working with several commissions to companies and restaurants. We often work in itterations where I make several prototypes and we together discuss the desired outcome.

Plates - Bumpy - Spring 2023

When Andréa the founder of Bumpy, contacted me about a collaboration my answer was without a doubt, yes. 1 in 6 couples experience infertility and every 4th pregnancy ends in a miscarriage. @bumpyapp.se is here to support you through this. The Bumpy app helps people find the right fertility clinic as well as connects them to others in similar situations. YOU GOT THIS. 

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Jewelry plates - Mumbai Stockholm - Spring 2023

Together with the team at Mumbai Stockholm we decided upon createing small jewelry dishes. I went for a classic shape of the plate and tried to vary the clay bodies and glaze colors as much as I could. A few marbled plates where also created. Their logo flower was also stamped on to each plate. 

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Cups & Coffee - Skokloster Kafferosteri- Spring 2023 

Together with Christians Coffee I designed a few different coffee cups for the Coffee Roastery that will open in May in Skokloster. The coffee can also be purchased in the Imse Studios Showroom on Frejgatan 44. 

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Cocktail Cups - Black Milk Gastro Bar x Stjärtelleriet - Winter 2023 

Since Stjärtelleriet where the ones managing the cocktail at the restaurant, they wanted the same vibe as the cups I created for the previously. 

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Cups - Bergstrands Bageri - Winter 2022 

I created coffee cups in different colors for the bakery Bergstrands Bageri. The wanted them to be unique so I decided to go with a variety of different clay bodies and glaze colors. 

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Café and cookie shop - Krümel Cookies - Spring 2022

I created cookie plates and cups for the café. 

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Restaurant Artilleriet - Stjärtilleriet - Winter 2022

I created irregular cups for the restaurant bar and all of them should be unique in shape and color.

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Restaurant Cissi & Clara - Summer 2021

I created dishes and bowls for the restaurant. 

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Oh La Moon 

Together with the team I designed Incense Holders for the store. Later on a special designed cup where also created.

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One Love Generation - Fall 2020

Together with the team we itterated on a design of a cup for their gift kits in three different variants: pink, peach and turquoise

Photo By Sofie Wiberg